Join us on a heartfelt musical journey in this Merdeka Special music show that celebrates the rich tapestry of original Malaysian music.

A group of passionate local singers will be performing their reinterpretation of beloved Malaysian songs at various iconic spots, bringing their unique melodies to the streets and hearts of the people.

Adding extra fun and excitement into the show, the artists will also need to tackle fresh challenges from the production team, in order to unlock a chance to host their concert during the grand finale! 

How does The Music Journey benefit your brand?

1. Massive Reach & Engagement: Featuring well-loved performers including Firdhaus 菲道尔 (5.3M YT views), Priscilla Abby 蔡恩雨 (67M YT views), Ryota 片⼭凉太 (50K YT views), Uriah 徐凯 (236K YT views), 3P’s Caven Tang (16M YT views), along with star guests Yoke 曾洁鈺, Joyce Chu 四叶草, 3P, Shila Amzah, Mei Sim 云镁鑫,Geraldine 颜慧萍, JieYing 趙潔瑩, DIOR 大颖, Thomas 郭曉東, you can tap into their dedicated fanbase for unparalleled brand exposure. 

2. Deep Cultural Connection: Benefit from the show’s celebration of Malaysian’s rich cultural through music to associate your brand with a heartfelt celebration, enhancing your brand’s emotional appeal and fostering a sense of community and pride among the viewers.

3. Dynamic Public Interaction: Live performances will be held across iconic locations with a rich crowd, such as Starhill, Sunway University Campus, Dataran Merdeka. You can benefit from these highly crowded spots to ensure prominence and brand visibility via on-site branding and interactive tasks with an engaging crowd.

Branding Opportunities


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • TVC Inside Program
  • Product Placement / Integration
  • Lower Third Banner
  • Host Mention
  • End Roller Credit
  • Promo with Client’s Tag On
  • Branded Promo

On Digital

  • Pre-Roll Video @ XUAN
  • Facebook Posting @ XUAN
  • Instagram Story @ XUAN

Channel: Astro AEC (CH. 306)
Date & Time: 25 August – 6 October 2024 | 6:30pm
Total Episodes: 7 episodes
Genre: Music Program
Pricing Category: x9