As a cultural phenomenon, sports possess a unifying force that transcends boundaries and brings together diverse communities. Sports is more than just games, it ignites passion and enables deep connections to be forged within a global community. It also represents a golden opportunity for brands and advertisers to tap into the reservoir of powerful emotions from dedicated sports fans, known for their unwavering loyalty and fervent engagement.

Boasting as the largest home of sports in Malaysia, we at Astro are the No. 1 destination for Best Live Sports with the biggest pool of sports fanatics, and we are committed to continue engaging Malaysian sports fans with our digital capabilities. That’s why we are bringing a revamped Stadium Astro website, where sports enthusiasts converge to read, watch, and engage deeply with top-notch coverage and the latest updates on international sports as well as the Malaysian sports scene.

Whether it’s a homepage domination or a branded article page, the new Stadium Astro website brings you dynamic branding opportunities and avenues to interact with invested sports fans creatively for higher brand exposure.

Homepage Domination: As the digital storefront of Stadium Astro, the homepage promises prominent brand exposure and visibility.

  • Homepage Overview
  • Masthead
  • Navigation Bar
  • Branded Scorecard
  • Branded Thumbnail
  • Catfish
  • Branded Section & Reels
  • Branded Sports Segment

Articles & Video Section Domination: Engage with fans as they navigate through Stadium Astro and experience the greatest sporting moments.

  • Branded Article Page
  • Branded Video Page

League & Live Match Domination (To be launched at the end of Jan 24): Captivate fan’ attention as they tuned in and catch every heartbeat of the excitement of the sporting events.

  • League Homepage: News & Video
  • Fixtures & Results
  • Standings
  • Widgets
  • Live Match Details

MFL Fantasy Domination (NEW Asset): Players build their best team based on real life Malaysian Football League (MFL) players and battle it out against other players every week. This is a domination opportunity for brands to create their own branded league!

  • Branding style on Players Cards of different tiers
  • Branding style on Card Packs
  • First XI Dashboard with branding on pitch-side and scoreboard
  • Branded section in between articles on News section
  • Own an exclusive sponsor leaderboard by rewarding the Top 5 managers

If you’re keen to explore more opportunities with Stadium Astro, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sales team or email us at [email protected].