Post-festive season holds immense potential for advertisers to stand out in a less cluttered landscape and continue captivating consumers’ attention.

Recognising this prime moment for brands, we are thrilled to unveil our 2024 Mid Year Offer (MYO) to continue to support your advertising efforts and maximise your brand impact, without breaking the bank!



From 10 May 2024 – 9 June 2024, our new pop-up channel ‘HEROES‘ will be available to ALL Astro subscribers for free.

Featuring action and thriller genres that’s popular amongst Astro’s viewers, this pop-up channel is packed with local and international action movies and drama series celebrating our favourite heroes and heroines.

HEROES will also be available on Astro GO and On Demand, where rights permit.

📢 Mid Year Offer: Get ready to captivate over 15 millions of potential consumers from Astro’s massive viewer base with our unprecedented offer – starting as low as RM20K for 1 month ad exposure. A must-buy offer that you shouldn’t miss!  



That’s not all! Browse the list of PERFECT 10 ad packages to find a perfect match for your mid-year campaign, tailored to different needs across our ecosystem to double your brand’s impact with unprecedented savings! Terms & conditions apply.

  • Sign up starts now: The MYO is applicable for every NEW booking with campaign dates that run between 1 May 2024 to 31 July 2024.


YouTube Category Targeting

Leverage on the power of Astro’s premium content on YouTube to reach your intended audience by interest category via specific ad placements for higher ad effectiveness.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Enjoy additional 500K video impressions across Astro websites with every purchase of non-skippable or skippable ads package on Astro YouTube channels, targeting by interest category.



C.I.D Package

Build your brand’s online presence and CONNECT with intended audiences via engaging and shareable video, amplified across our extensive network of digital platforms.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Exclusively applies to C.I.D ft. CONNECT via Video packages, offering social media posts and guaranteed views now doubled up with 2X video impressions at the same package prices of RM30K and RM50K.



AWANIByte+ Vertical Video

A new way of information-sharing, our bite-sized capsules from Astro AWANI now in vertical videos, keeping mobile users immersed in your brand story with lesser distractions.


📢 Mid Year Offer: With Buy 2 Free 1 promotion, you can get an additional video with a guaranteed minimum post reach of 1 million across all Astro AWANI’s social media platforms – extra miles, no extra expenses!



#Addressable Advertising

88 Bundle: AAA + sooka

Harness the precision targeting capability of Astro Addressable Advertising combined with sooka’s reach amongst urban families, PMEBs and young millennials to expand your brand’s reach beyond linear TV to OTT and VOD. 


📢 Mid Year Offer: Enjoy an additional 500K video impressions across Astro websites on top of 1.6 million household impressions delivered via Astro Addressable Advertising and sooka (Astro’s mobile first streaming platform), all bundled together for greater impact at no extra cost.



Addressable Commercial Establishment (ACE)

Extending beyond households, our addressable solution now enables brands to run hyper-targeted campaigns in commercial establishments (CE), leveraging proximity targeting to strategically activate media during key events like a football match. You can capitalise on the visitors’ profiles from various CEs to reach your desired audiences, captivating them during moments when they are most engaged.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Get additional 1 month of free ad exposure on Astro TVs with every purchase of a 2-month campaign, serving addressable ads to the highly engaged consumers across over 1,000 F&B outlets covering mamaks, food courts, restaurants and cafes in central region.



APH 2.0

The Pay TV advertising programme tailored for SMEs, Astro Power Hour (APH), is now upgraded to 2.0, infused with the latest Astro Addressable Advertising (AAA) services, combining the persuasive power of TV with digital-style targeting capabilities to deliver relevant ads across intended household audiences.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Get up to 51% more TV bonus spots in addition to special discounts of up to 45% for any purchase of APH 2.0 packages, exclusively for first-time advertisers who are new to TV advertising or advertisers who have not spent on Astro TV in the past twelve (12) months.




Sports BMI

BOOSTER. MASS. IMPACT. – Fueled by sports power, the newly launched Sports BMI package is set to be the best booster in enhancing reach for any Malay or Chinese TV campaign at a much lower cost per rating point (CPRP).


📢 Mid Year Offer: Double the incremental reach and cost savings with the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion now at the same package price starting as low as RM23K.



High Impact TV

Heighten your brand’s visibility with our high frequency, high reach offering. Maximise the impact of your TV plan and enjoy high ROI with up to 8 spots per day across 14 prime TV channels for 30 days consecutively, with the options to target Malay or Chinese audiences, or across all races.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Boost your brand’s exposure further with our Buy 2 Free 1 offer.




Radio Segment & Feature Domination

Seize 100% Share of Voice on airwaves with our expansive choices of Radio Segments and Features, catering to various listeners profiles and demographics across Astro Radio’s diverse range of brands.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Double the domination impact on Astro’s top radio stations with exclusive offers below:

    • Buy 1 Segment, Free 1 Feature
    • Buy 3 Weeks, Free 1 Week on Feature Sponsorship



Astro Radio x Petronas: Brand Fuel Pack

Leverage on the exclusive bundled offerings of Astro Radio and Petronas to turbocharge your brand’s audio-visual presence amongst 6.4 millions of Astro Radio listeners and commuters at over 1,000 petrol stations.


📢 Mid Year Offer: Buy 50 radio spots and get another 50 radio spots for free on your preferred Astro Radio brand, bundled with your selection of Petronas’ advertising space, applicable to Petronas stations in Klang Valley only.

    • Cashier Wall Package A – Buy 1 Month, Free 1 Month (10 Petronas stations)
    • Cashier Wall Package B – Buy 3 Months, Free 3 Months (10 Petronas stations)
    • Apron Standee 1-Month Package – Buy 10 Units, Free 10 Units (20 Petronas stations)
    • Apron Standee 3-Month Package – Buy 10 Units, Free 10 Units (20 Petronas stations)
    • 15” OPT Screen Package – Buy 1 Week, Free 1 Week (30 Petronas stations) 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • This offer is open to all advertisers who purchase the packages listed under 2024 Mid Year Offer (MYO).
  • Applicable for every NEW booking with campaign dates that run between 01 May 2024 to 31 July 2024.
  • Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to inventory availability at the time of booking.
  • All free entitlements must be claimed together with the paid entitlements in the same media order.
  • All entitlements booked under 2024 Mid Year Offer (MYO) must be utilised by 31 July 2024; no extension shall be given and any unused entitlements will be forfeited after 31 July 2024.
  • Astro shall not be liable for any unclaimed ad entitlements due to whatever reasons.
  • All offers under 2024 Mid Year Offer (MYO) are not applicable in conjunction with any other ongoing offers.
  • This offer is subject to the advertising terms and conditions for the provision of airtime. Full details are available on

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