In today’s dynamic media landscape, consumers are presented with a myriad of platforms for media consumption, leading to viewership habits that are constantly evolving. As a result, brands are now facing the challenge to reach their target audience in this fragmented and digitally-driven environment.

To ensure that brands remain relevant in this ever-changing landscape, introducing our latest package: 88 Bundle, where we added our millennial-focused streaming service, sooka, into our Astro Addressable Advertising package, expanding brands’ reach beyond linear TV to OTT and VOD.

Make the most of your investment with this media mix package that harnesses the power of Astro Addressable Advertising, combined with sooka’s reach amongst young people.

How does it benefit your brand? 

1. Precise targeting with Astro Addressable Advertising (AAA): Powered by rich audience data, AAA combines the persuasive power of TV and digital-style targeting capabilities to connect brands with the right audience in a brand safe environment.

2. Maximised reach across multiple platforms: Brands can extend their reach and maximise brand exposure across Astro’s linear TV, Astro GO and sooka, effectively engaging urban families, PMEBs and young people.