Anlene needed brand reappraisal from an old women’s medicine to a brand that cares for my overall movements, strong bones, joints and muscles because the old proposition of bone health and osteoprosis prevention didn’t resonate with youths due to irrelevance to their nutritional needs.

The task was to elevate Top-of-Mind score amongst young adults, change their perceptions and encour- age daily consumption of Anlene as a nutritious intake to support life in their prime.



ASTRO needed to convince them using their own lingo. By engaging thought leaders of their own gen- eration, a digital content series designed to spark social conversations surrounding Anlene’s movement #WeAreMore were shared across ASTRO channel assets in TV, digital and social media.



During Campaign Nov-Jan’18, Anlene achieved an impressive uptake on its sales.

Internal Sales Uplift (Nov-Jan’18) recorded a +24% vs 3 months before the campaign. Uplift in Anlene sales were seen more amongst younger consumers.

  • For Anlene Regular(Age19Above), salesuptakeroseto+27%
  • For Anlene Gold(Age51Above), salesliftedto+24%

Anlene Market Shares in Jan’18 increased by +3.4, hitting 48.4 points.

Branded advertorials across Astro Gempak, Xuan, Rojak Daily Kaw, Roti Kaya achieved a reach of 3.0mil.
Through ASTRO’s social media assets, the overall campaign also achieved total engagement of 702, 800!
KOL story capsule on Astro TV reached 72.9% Malay viewers (7.1million) and 56.4% (337, 000) Chinese viewers who viewed the content at least once.

Through the KOL’s social media platforms, content amplifications achieved a total of 467, 512 engagements!