Having children is an extraordinary experience, but it also comes with an extraordinary amount of care giving that can get very overwhelming. When the pandemic hit earlier this year, parents’ lives were turned upside down as work and kids overlapped. Fear and guilt over the impact of the virus grew – as did the uncertainty on the best way to parent.

With anxiety growing, the opportunity that both Astro and Similac Gain Plus®️ Gold realised during MCO was that parents spent longer time with their children at home and they faced a lot of challenges including how to provide the safest and best formula for their children. 

Similac Gain Plus®️ Gold introduced a breakthrough formula for faster learning with HMO and other nourishing ingredients that help support your child’s fast learning and overall health. However, the challenge here is that the market is flooded with many scientific facts where the brand wishes to communicate these messages more effectively to parents.


With many friendly competitors in the market, the brand needed to reinforce themselves as a caring brand who is the parents’ best support of all time. We focused our efforts on keeping the brand top of mind when thinking about the most reliable brand to help them get through the pandemic.

Together with Similac Gain Plus®️ Gold, the idea was to push fresh Parenting Education content where we highlight the most common challenges faced by the parents and how they can communicate with their kids more effectively.

Through Astro’s wide media network and content platforms, we produced fresh educational content made just for parents:

  • Bite sized videos on Parenting Education, 看着: A total of 18 x 2mins videos on Astro AEC, a channel with a strong profile in targeting Chinese parents. We nurtured parents with tips together with the product messaging. We also strategically positioned this content right before the 8pm news programme to capture most of the eyeballs successfully.
  • Parenting soundbites on MY, the top local Chinese Radio brand: a series of 30s informative parenting soundbites was produced to reach out to the parents.
  • Supported by Astro AEC Facebook page: All 18 episodes have been posted on Astro AEC Facebook Page to increase the reach and allow greater share-ability.
  • Tap onto a Celebrity Parent talent: Hosted by Moon, a former radio announcer and a mom with 2 growing kids, all the parenting tips have been delivered effectively throughout the 18 episodes. In additional, an interactive FB LIVE has been conducted to allow parents to interact with her and the parenting experts.


Market position (July vs Aug 2020)

  • Product sales boosted by +15.4%
  • Total premium IMF market share gained 140bps
  • Brand imagery on faster learning improved from 18 to 30

Brand awareness

  • TV viewers: 800k audience reach
  • Digital views: Social media reach of 745k & 680k video views
  • Brand Funnels: Trials increased 5x vs 2019 and Consideration improved 2X vs 2019 amongst Chinese consumers