Bringing the best of TV & digital, Astro Addressable Advertising achieved regional and local recognition, winning the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Award 2023 and MDA d Awards 2023 within its inaugural year, underscoring its impact on brands and the advertising landscape.


The surge in digital adoption during the pandemic prompted PayNet to encourage more people to use digital payments, ultimately aiming to replace traditional cash and cheque transactions.


The Challenge

Convincing users accustomed to cash and cheque transactions, especially for government transactions.


Campaign Objectives

Promote digital payment habits, particularly for government transactions, through available touchpoints. Strategically targeting at a specific group, the brand aimed to drive a shift in consumer behaviour towards cashless methods.


Target Audience

Internet banking users/digital savvy individuals, and key market segments including the B40 and M40.


The Strategy

Astro Addressable Advertising across Video On Demand on Astro GO, Ultra and Ulti Boxes.
Campaign Length: 4 weeks

The Results
At the overall level, awareness for most cashless payment options was high. Although cash remained the preferred payment method at the government offices, there was a shift in consideration for JomPay (+7% pts) and DuitNow (+4% pts).

An uplift was observed among the Chinese audience, with JomPay (+17% pts) and DuitNow (+16% pts). Regionally, there was an uplift in the central region, with JomPay (+19% pts) and DuitNow (+24% pts)

Actionable Insights

Despite high awareness of digital payment methods among Malays, a significant preference for cash transactions persisted at government agencies. Recognising this, future strategies should focus on engaging this segment, considering they constitute the largest consumer group.


Fine-tuning elements and messaging for future TVCs could enhance the impact further, facilitating a continued shift in payment behaviour.


Client Testimonial
“Since it was new and we were among the first few clients, we found that the overall concept met the majority of our objectives. Compared to conventional TV advertising, this solution was niche target marketing to suburban markets which was our key objective. The sweet spot was we hit into selective behaviour groups.” – Published in Marketing Weekender Issue 348, October 2022