We all love TV. It never fails to grab the attention whenever it’s turned on. TV is a proven safe environment to build brands in today’s contentious media landscape. Today, Astro is ushering on a journey to make TV advertising more relevant to more brands with the introduction of Astro Addressable Advertising.

Jamie West, Founding Partner of Innov8TV Limited & the Former Deputy Managing Director of Sky Media, the addressable advertising guru with more than 30 years in media and the advanced advertising sector, over 10 years at Sky leading the advanced advertising products across addressable with AdSmart, analytics, video and online. Jamie will provide marketers with information and guidance about using advanced targeted approaches offered by addressable TV with a series of opinion pieces.

Op-ed 1: Embracing the Era of Addressable Advertising

While we are still reeling from the shock (and joy) of finally being able to live in a “cookieless” world, much of the concentration for those who had their hands deep inside the cookie jar have started to look for the next munchie..  Continue to Read

Op-ed 2: Step Outside the Box

The power of the consumer in the digital world today cannot be confined within a frame. With an increased awareness for privacy coupled with the need for personalisation – media and content producers are pressed with the need to step outside the comfort zone..

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*Stay tuned for Op-ed 3