Ever since the nation went on lockdown in March and the market was shaken, it was no surprise that the media industry was among the first to be hit badly. This is as most businesses see marketing as expenses. However, there are brands who believe marketing is an investment to sustain a business, more so during a crisis.

ETIKA saw the opportunity to shine at the centre stage when many decided to go dark. The brand chose Astro, or particularly Team AMS as the “partner in crime” and here’s the outcome – 6 unprecedented campaigns during the lockdown period to redefine digital marketing.  

#1 Konsert #WondaDiRumah: Launched Malaysia’s FIRST concert@home Konsert #WondaDiRumah on Astro Ria and ERA IG TV within 3 days, from concept to development. Attracted 2mil TV viewers and 4mil digital impressions in 7 consecutive days. 

#2 Goodday’s Vittilirunthu Putthandu Concert: First Tamil New Year digital concert streamed on RAAGA and ULAGAM’s Facebook, with a 90-min of star-studded entertainment and special cooking demo by RAAGA announcers using Goodday Milk.

#3 Goodday’s Digital Moreh: Created Malaysia’s Book of Record with most number of participants (814) in a virtual “moreh” session on 22 May 2020 at 10pm, hosted by ERA, SINAR and GEGAR. The tradition of Ramadan has been uplifted digitally with 1.8mil social media reach and 500K digital views.    

#4 Tropicana Eratkan Jalinan Dengan Jiran Anda: Formed new social connections while staying home with “Tropicana Eratkan Jalinan Dengan Jiran Anda” on ERA. Neighbourhoods were strengthened online via a fun trivia contest with daily cash prizes, generated an impressive 2.1 million social media reach.   

#5 Raya Tetap Raya Bersama Pepsi: Digitalised the essence of “Maaf Zahir dan Batin” to uphold the spirit of forgiveness virtually with “Raya Tetap Raya”. Distance between friends and families were even closer despite being physically apart, with over 5mil social media reach and 1.6mil views on the touching videos.

#6: Rajini 70 brought to you by Dairy Champ: Championed quality entertainment with the FIRST pop-up channel on the legendary Rajini. Featuring 70 award-winning movies to celebrate the superstar’s 70th birthday in June, the channel has taken over the No.1 seat with an impressive 4 mil viewers in just 10 days! 

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Source: MARKETING WEEKENDER Issue #251 June 2020 here.