The pandemic transformed the business environment rapidly, especially SMEs, who were forced to quickly pivot to online. Maxis Business wanted to be at the forefront of this digital transformation, aiding businesses to transition into e-commerce.

The brand’s two main challenges were: –

  • Reaching SMEs e.g. strict SOP limitations that prevented on-ground activations, networking events and seminars.
  • Competitors were ramping up online advertising to promote their digital solutions, prices and packages, creating a massive internet clutter that’s overwhelming audiences.

We realised a majority of SMEs were still stuck in the awareness stage, not knowing where or how to start digitising their businesses. A deep dive into their media consumption revealed an interesting lead. In 2020, a rise in TV viewership showed a 30% average increase, proving TV was still relevant for this target to stay updated with business news, trends and insights across industries. 


Astro strategised to recruit target audiences from offline mainstream media to converge in a digital space for high impact engagement with Maxis as the enabler. Our consumers’ media consumption showed Astro as top choice for business related news and infotainment with high viewership +30% in TV ratings and +80% on digital during lockdown. The primary strategy to better reach and optimise conversion among SMEs involved turning them from passive TV viewers to active online participants.

As such, this was accomplished via bringing the audience through on-air and online channels within a transmedia multi-channel ecosystem from TV, Radio, Digital and social media.

Triggering Interest to Create Relevance

We wanted to showcase Maxis’s track record and capabilities in digitising and improving business performance. We did so by airing bursts of 1-minute branded capsules on TV featuring real life SME entrepreneurs’ testimonials from varying industries.

Establish Credibility & Brand Presence

We leveraged on an established Astro AEC programme, ‘Business Talk’ which was in its 4th season and reached 1.2 million people on-air and 2 million virtually in 2020. The programme featured weekly business-related discussions with top business experts and industry leaders and served as a jumping off point to attract SMEs. Brand presence was also maximised throughout the show with lower third banners, weekly promos, Maxis Business success story videos and even a Maxis representative in-show panelist.

Online Participation to Encourage Live Interaction

SMEs were encouraged to submit their questions online via QR codes displayed during the TV broadcasts, which were then answered the following day via Facebook Live business clinic talk sessions. These live sessions featured carefully selected business experts and mentors and culminated in a Live SME Business Talk Webinar that aired across Astro and Maxis digital channels for maximum exposure and reach.

Further Online Engagement

The Facebook Live business clinic talks were cross promoted across relevant Astro’s digital news sites, business leaders’ and KOL’s social medias, as well as Maxis’s website and social media to expand the campaign’s reach and encourage further participation.

Brand Message Amplification on Radio

The content gathered from the Facebook Live sessions were further repurposed into short sound bites and leveraged on high frequency radio promos and Business Talk’s podcast to amplify the campaign message and increase participation.



The campaign was a huge success and resulted in raising brand awareness and encouraging SME engagement for Maxis Business.

Facebook Live stream business clinics:

  • Digital impressions at 51 million impressions, surpassed targets by 188%
  • Total reach of 4.9 million, surpassed targets by 308%
  • Highest Viewership & Engagement at 1.7 million, surpassed targets by 41%
  • Weekly FB Live Peak Views increased by 59% on average

SME Business Talk Live Webinar:

  • Webinar registration increased 3-fold at +268%
  • FB Live Peak Views showed YoY growth of +161%
  • Achieved YoY growth of +51.3% higher reach with 386, 630 people

Improved brand feedback:

  • 76% agreed their businesses are in need of transformation and digitalisation after participating in the campaign.
  • 67% of them found the FB live sessions were extremely helpful for their businesses.

Improved brand health:

  • SME Fixed Internet category recorded a +4 point increase while other competitors recorded a -1 point dip.
  • SME Mobile category achieved +2 point increase while closest competitors were on a downward trend.