Background and Context

EYE MO, an established personal care brand was having a new launch. There was a growing challenge for the brand with a few key players in the market, all holding strong market position highlighting different benefit claims. As the brand name is generic to the category, this campaign was aimed at reinforcing that they are the “real thing” vs other competitive brands especially amongst their key audience of Gen X and Gen Y.

The Challenge

EYE MO is a generic name synonymous with the personal care category. So, often times competitive brands will come to mind first instead of the original established brand. It was imperative to drive awareness of the real thing, while identifying the crucial insights involving the target audience i.e. what brands they were currently using and what brands they intended to purchase.

Campaign Objectives

To reinforce its brand proposition “EYE MO is the real thing” in the minds of their sought-after audience, especially amongst the Gen X and Gen Y audiences.


The Strategy

Astro Addressable Advertising across Video On Demand on Astro GO, Ultra and Ulti Boxes.

Audience Segment: Households with Gen X and Gen Y


The Results
A brand lift study using online quantitative methodology by an independent research company showed that the campaign has rendered positive purchase consideration/intent lift and consumption lift for the brand.

  • 500K household impressions delivered with 94.34% completion rate.
  • Overall brand consideration improved by +11% pts and a reduction on intent for others by -8% pts.
  • While the brand has strong brand consideration amongst Malays, there was an observed +30% pts improvement in brand consideration amongst Chinese.
  • Overall brand consideration improved by over +20% pts in Northern & East Coast, outdid competition in all regions.
  • Brand consideration improved by +19 pts amongst 25-34 age group.
  • Consumption lift: males +8% pts, females +20% pts which imply those who are exposed to the campaign have higher usage.

Actionable Insights

  • Capitalise on the improved brand consideration amongst Gen Z and Chinese to drive trial and usage.
  • Copy message consideration against gender for relevance to product usage.