Darlie toothpaste thrives as a Malaysian heritage brand but regarded as an old-fashioned ‘mother’s brand’. The rise of millennial mothers, accounts for 56.6% of mothers with children below 18 presents an opportunity to modernise brand imagery and build affinity. 

Insight shows mothers have ‘unrealistic expectations’ to be the perfect mum. Tapping into modern motherhood society that forge communities and sisterhood bonds via social media, the challenge lies in creating an immersive, inspiring content and linking Darlie’s ‘freshness’ proposition to self-acceptance. 


Depicting 5 personalities at different stages of motherhood, the 10 minute 6 episodic online series, deals with first born milestones, teenage children, social media addictions and parental guilt. Signature ‘fresh take’ moments characterises a mother’s moment to freshen breath and mind to foster self-acceptance and renewed perspectives.  


Since broadcast, Darlie’s market share grew considerably with the series garnering 4.2m digital views on Gempak platforms, over 9.1m lifetime total reach on Facebook and 1.2m accumulated engagement across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.