Marigold needed to win over mothers and gain market share in a competitive product segment. It was crucial for Marigold to find their niche messaging to stand out amongst other brands.



By utilising its mascot, Happi Cow, Marigold wanted to connect with mothers and kids while establishing itself as the go-to milk brand, essential for children’s growth to reach their fullest potential. Marigold needed a platform to forge this connection between its functional benefits and relevance to audiences.

Through a branded content reality gameshow, ASTRO set the stage for an outdoor environment where families compete and face challenges in physical strength, communication and general knowledge.



  • Cabaran Happi Susu UHT Marigold reached 5.4 million viewers on Astro Ceria, Prima & Maya HD appealing to urban mums with children 4-9 years old.
  • Branded capsules reached 5 million viewers throughout campaign period of 2 months.
  • The results proved that ASTRO helped Marigold tremendously in its growth in the market.