• Cut through the clutter of Ramadan-Raya ads and engage with consumers emotionally
  • Improving Digi’s affinity towards the Malay youths across all Malaysian states



  • To bring forth the message, Digi’s ambassadors Akim and Stacy, a pair of newly wedded celebrity couple
  • Connect with customers by composing a Raya song to convey the campaign message through its lyrics
  • Content Amplification – TV platforms (Ria SD & Ria HD) ; Digital – Astro Gempak, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Music Video – Stacy & Akim composed a Raya song with the campaign message through its lyrics

              – A music video was release together with the webisodes

  • Webisodes – 5 episodic mini series was produces as a reality TV programme of the couple



  • 45% increase in brand health
  • Music Video on Astro Gempak, played 55,000 times
  • Reached out to an estimated total of 9million Malay youths