OLDTOWN White Coffee (OTWC) is a heritage brand that needed to futureproof itself by building affinity with Millennials, specifically the Malays to remain relevant. They launched a brand repositioning campaign “Anything is Pauseable” in 2017 with average message cut through rate so OTWC needed to connect pausing with a consumer group that lives life on a fast lane.



Consumer research helped uncover a second coffee consumption moment untapped by the competitors with huge budgets, after work to unwind. Malaynials also absolutely love and spend a lot of their time connecting to celebrities and entertainment content, especially online. 

With that in mind, an original web series by Astro Gempak for Malaynials was born. As the ideal content partner, Gempak was chosen due to its strong brand proposition:
(1) Malaynials spend the most time watching videos there
(2) to ride on its young brand imagery.

A 4 episodic telenovela, DuaTheSeries mirroring the hecticness of Malaynial lives and their entrepreneurship drive was an instant hit. Characters were inspired by their favourite OTWC variants e.g. vibrant Luna loves Hazelnut while sensible Amelia loves LessSugar. OTWC is the antidote during emotional rollercoaster moments and chaos during the drama series. Top Malay celebrities (12 million social media followings collectively) were identified as casts and consistently posted teasers, commentaries and advertorials to drive viewership.

As content creators, Astro Gempak’s strong platform with its large reach across young audiences was the perfect partner for OWTC. 



The “DuaTheSeries” campaign amassed unprecedented results and achived its objective of winning over Malaynials. 

  • +28% brand favourability score remarkable for a Chinese heritage brand!
  • +5.6 point in brand imagery score for “relaxing brand”.
  • 2 million views within 4 weeks.
  • 93% likeability score.
  • +1.3% market share when giants like Nescafe declined.

(Source: ClientBrandLiftStudy, Euromonitor)